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Repairing and refurbising FARVIEW 7x50 Binoculars

A pair of FARVIEW 7x50 binoculars came in for a repair, service and refurbishment. These are Japanese made binoculars, likely around the 1970s. The manufactures stamp of J-B81 near the bottom hinge indicate that they were made by Copitar Co. Ltd Tokyo.

There was quite a lot of paint wear on the body, and fungus on the lenses and prisms.

I completely disassembled the binocular and also prepared the body for painting.

All parts were sprayed with black Duracoat using an airbrush.

Farview 7x50 repair disassembly

After cleaning the lenses and prisms, we can start reassembly. One very important step is collimation, where the optical axis of both barrels and the hinge are aligned. We have a collimator assist in this.

Binocular collimation

This is the completed binocular, almost like when it was new.

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