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Full restoration of Dolland & Aitchison 8x32 ‘the Luma’

This pair of Dolland & Aitchison 8x32 "the Luma" binoculars came into the workshop for restoration. Dolland & Aitchison is one of the oldest British opticians first established in 1750 according to Wikipedia. They produced many different models of binoculars in the early 20th century and this is and example of one model.


This example was very worn, with the many patches of the paint having flaked off. It was really difficult to read the engravings for the model name and serial number.

Dolland & Aitchison the Luma  8x32 repair

After disassembly all the required parts were cleaned, stripped, degreased and coated with Duracoat. After curing the original engravings are filled white.

With a new leather strap and a restored case, this binocular can be used for many more years to come.

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